Yoga at the Lake
Because we cannot scrub our inner body, we need to learn a few skills to help cleanse our tissues, organs, mind & gut. 

There's lots of Spring cleaning traditions all around us...from spring cleaning our homes, to celebrating Holi, it's the season of Lent, we fast for Passover, Ramadan, etc.  How do you bring on Spring?

For the past 6 years I've done various cleanses to rid accumulation in my mind, emotions, body, gut....depends what I feel is no longer serving me or weighing me down.  Besides my annual gut cleanse (an Ayurvedic tradition) that I'm planning to do this April, I've already begun cleaning out my Yoga & Pilates spaces to get ready for Lake or Paddleboard Yoga that will start this May.  
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Before we officially kick off Yoga at the Lake, let's take this April to learn all about the Ayurvedic seasonal practice of Cleansing.  Just a reminder...Yoga poses are the 3rd limb of Yoga....there's 7 other limbs to help strengthen your yoga practice & fully experience healing benefits for yourself.  "Saucha" is part of the Niyamas (2nd of the 8 limbs of yoga). It traditionally translates to purity or cleanliness of the body and our living space but there is also an aspect of internal cleanliness to it.  

Here's 4 ways to cleanse this April...

  1. Weekly Yoga class
    ~Join me for 3-weeks of Yoga "on the mat" this month, you'll be able to access my 21 Day Elimination, "off the mat" challenge.   

  2.  Watch this month's gut health class,  "Your Gut, Your Skin & You"  to uncover the deeper mystery behind the health of your skin.  You'll also get FREE access to mDigestion guide.

  3. Not sure what needs cleansing in your life but know something needs to change?  That's where my 28 to Elevate challenge came about, click here to learn more.  This challenges is meant to uncover where you can focus first based on your life.

  4. Shop small & local with me here.  Go through your closets and get rid of stuff you don't feel fabulous in and donate it.  Then start fresh only committing to wear what makes you feel good inside & out. Below are some Spring must-haves featured in my athleisurewear shop  --- golf/tennis skirt (8 colors), mesh tee (4 colors), rise vest (6 colors) and last week's new releases!

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