Hi, I'm Keri.
I use the ancient 
practice of  Yoga 
to help women 
get healthy 
from the inside out. 

           I'm so glad you found me! We're going to go places together. 

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Experience the life changing benefits of a regular Yoga routine.
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Most important growth happens "off the mat" in the midst of conflict-- when you're frustrated, angry or scared & instead of doing the same old thing, you suddenly realize that you have a choice to do it differently. Complementary Ayurvedic inspired challenges are included with weekly classes.  Practice the habits that will prepare you for the tough times & uncover your best self.  
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Mental health is equally as important as our physical health. Discover natural steps you can start using immediately to support your mental wellness by watching one of my mental wellness classes below:
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  • "Facing Seasonal Depression" 
  • "Flow for Stress Relief"
  • "How Yoga Heals"
  • "Oils & Emotions"

Lethargy, headaches, skin issues, moodiness, irritability, bloating are signals that it's time to take charge of your health before it becomes something more serious. 
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Minimize the toxins that enter your body by mindfully choosing what comes into your homes from cleaning supplies, to personal care products and more.  Learn how below.

When you shop from me you'll get quality products and amazing customer service while supporting my kids, retirement, financial burden, etc.  Let's grow local businesses wealth instead!!


I help soul-centered people like you find more peace, self love & good health to live a vibrant life. 
For years, I felt stuck in my life. Even as I was learning how to integrate yoga habits into my life, I was still struggling daily...

It wasn't until I started making time for my own self practice that I finally started to feel my mental, spiritual & physical best.  Since 2005, I have earned over 800 hours of Yoga teacher & therapy training in addition to 500 hours of Pilates training.  

I want you to experience their healing benefits.  Join me for a weekly yoga practice on the mat, chair, Pilates reformer or Paddleboard with a complementary off-the mat practice that includes challenges, webinars, and essential oils to support a full healthy living journey.  

Classes are in-person or virtual, private or group.  May through October classes are offered at the Lake and on Stand-Up Paddleboards (SUP Yoga).  
Inquire about my next Winter Tropical teaching destination (pictured here in Jamaica).


"I am grateful to participate in your yoga classes in person and on the lake.  It's so relaxing and peaceful to be outside in 
nature and conveniently online!  Yoga has 
helped me to strengthen and stretch my body 
and relax my mind.  It has helped me to take 
time for myself, to improve myself physically, 
mentally and emotionally.  Your off the mat 
classes are so helpful in mindfulness and 
gratitude.  I've learned ways to become 
more content and appreciate life more!  
Thank you!"  ~MG 2/2021

"Although I am new to our journey together, 
I am very much looking forward to lake yoga which 
I have been meaning to do with 
you for a while.  I appreciate all you 
do for people and your positivity 
is great"!    ~AL 2/2021

"Yoga with Keri has helped me by
participating in class with 
an instructor with great energy and 
vibes.  She is passionate about 
Yoga, instructing and life!  Also, I love 
how you got me started on my 
journey of essential oils and how it all 
started by just a splash at the end 
of classes".  ~JM 2/2021

"You're awesome!  Thank you!  
Yoga has calmed me down 
over the years so I can see the big picture". 
~CW 2/2021

"I miss your classes so much!  
You are by far the best and most 
memorable yoga instructor I have 
ever had.  I find myself remembering 
and quoting many of the things you 
taught me.  I think of you every 
time I pull out a spray bottle with 
alcohol, witch hazel and essential 
oils.  You taught me how to bring 
yoga off of the mat and into my life. 
I am so grateful for having you to teach 
and guide me".   ~DG 2/2021

"Thank you so much for your yoga classes.  I love the whole experience. I especially love that you have taught me 
the awareness of breathing, renewal and life force with every breath.  I feel so renewed after your classes. I love that at 71 years old I still see everyday as a possibility  and you contribute to that mindful awareness.  Your flow exercises 
really bring me such peace in my body".  
~bKG 2/2021

"The class I have received the most 
benefit from is Aqua Yoga taught by 
Keri Elkin. It is so much more than an
exercise class. It nourishes my body, 
my soul and my imagination. Her 
patience and tenderness with everyone 
creates an emotionally safe atmosphere. 
I find myself going deeper into stretches 
and breathes each week and my body is 
responding in the best possible ways.  
My blood pressure is down at levels I 
have never experienced before. 
The learning stays with me throughout 
the week. I wish she had time to 
teach it more than once a week." 
 ~Ann Marie 8/2018 
"Thank you for making my life 
awesome this fall.  You have no idea 
what it did for me physically & 
mentally.  I pray for a 70 degree 
Saturday every time I look at 
the weather forecast."  
~C 11/2020

"I absolutely love your class and 
style of teaching and feel so 
blessed to be there.  It's been many years 
to find a 
teacher like you.  
I really appreciate all you have 
done for me in such a short time."
 ~KP 9/2020

"Thank you for your inspiration and 
teaching on practicing yoga.  
I started taking Yoga a little more seriously 
with you this past fall for some social 
interaction and as well as stretching 
and strength.  What I found along the 
way is some inner peace and self love.  
Yoga gives me the tools to change my 
focus.  You have made my world a 
better place.  With so much 
love & gratitude".  
~PP 11/2020


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