A Healthy Gut for Healthy Skin! - REPLAY
Your digestive health plays a key role in all aspects of health, including healthy skin!

Did you know that the skin is the largest organ of the body? It takes up approximately 21 square feet!

The gut and skin have more in common than you'd think! Both act as defenders against pathogen invasion from the outside environment. They each consist of their own microbiome and thus prove many connections between disorders of the gut and skin.

Chances are, over the years you’ve spent plenty of time and effort on various products with the hopes to perfect your skin. All the while, it may have never occurred to you that skin conditions had to be cured from the inside out!

My goal is to teach you how to improve your skin by improving your gut health. Check out my class "Your Gut, Your Skin, and You".

Eat Your Way to Healthy Skin!

When it comes to skin there are many myths out there…
  • The right skin cream can keep your skin looking young.
  • Eating chocolate or oily foods causes oily skin and acne.
  • Antibacterial soap is best for keeping your skin clean.
  • Tanning is good for preserving an even skin tone.
  • Vitamin E will make scars fade.

 Skin issues are usually a symptom of something much deeper going on. In the past, skin issues did not automatically point us to the gut, but we now know more about the relationship between the two.

As we now understand, the best way to improve gut health is through the foods we eat. If you’re interested in learning more information about improving gut health for healthier skin this class is for you.

Love The Skin You’re In!

During this class, I am motivated to share the truth 
regarding gut health and healthy skin. While specific foods may not directly lead to conditions such as acne, food certainly can play a role in the proper balance of ‘good’ vs. ‘bad’ bacteria in the gut.

Everyone wants to look their best! Understanding the root cause 
of specific conditions can help correct issues for good and no more wasting money on expensive creams and potions that don’t live up to their promises. The key to healthy skin is treating conditions from the inside out, something a topical cream simply cannot achieve.

Keeping skin looking its best means feeling your best. I have tips 
on which foods to eat more of, foods to avoid, and nutrients that may be missing due to gut imbalances. One thing is for certain - issues in the gut make themselves known through the skin.

Let me help you love the skin you're in and join me for Healthy Gut Healthy Skin!

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like to look and feel their best!

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