Conscious & Cozy
Winter will be here in a week! 

That means it's time to start getting comfy, warm up your atmosphere and illuminate your soul.  Mindfully choosing that during the chaos of holidays to slow down & reflect on the year.  One of the happiest populations in the world, are the Danish and each year they partake in’s a Danish word loosely translated as cozy contentment. It’s an important part of the Danish world view — appropriate to Denmark’s climate (and our winter), hygge is about hunkering down: It’s all candles, blazing fires, warm blankets and fuzzy slippers, reading nooks (called hyggekrog), comfortable leggings (hyggebukser), wollen socks (hyggesokker) and tea.

Since I've always been an organizer, from my tidy room as a kid to my career as a Meeting & Event planner, it made sense that when I received my Yoga Therapy certification a few years ago (800 hours to compliment my 200 hour teaching) to use it to organize my health & the health of my clients. With a sprinkling of real life traditions (such as Hygee) to the ancient practices of Yoga & Ayurveda my "off the mat" challenges began....a monthly routine and refresh to simplify staying ahead our health #preventionmedicine.  You can learn more about Ayurveda, my monthly challenges, and take the body type quiz here.

Have you already been practicing Hygee?  Now you have a word for it or an excuse to cuddle up and watch another movie!!

If there's something about your health that you'd like to change, don't wait for it!  Here's 4 ways to make your health your priority and get cozy right away.

1.  Practice slowing down in a 
Yoga class - you'll get FREE access to my 28 days to elevate challenge 
2.  Grab a comfy 
Jessie sweater or knit Ashtanga leggings
3.  Diffuse Christmas Spirit
4.  Drink Tumeric Tea or 
Golden Milk

To your health and wellness,

Keri Elkin

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