"Collect moments not things.  Love people not material.  Cherish Memories not possessions." ~Unknown

It's that time of year!  The time of year when I listen to nothing but holiday music, wear fuzzy socks, drink everything warm, overheat my car seat --- oh yea, and go shopping!  
Over the past year I've been practicing my yoga off the mat "aparigraha").....this translates to non-hoarding (1 of the 5 yamas).  Yamas are 1 of the 8 limbs of yoga....most know these 4 other limbs....(1) poses/asana, (2) meditation, (3) breathing exercises and (4) mindfulness (
Learn all 8 here).  So I've been getting rid of old stuff and am in the process of renewing my wardrobe, which is really just a reset for my mind, my energy and the way I choose to show up in the world.  The way in which we dress says a lot about how we view ourselves and how we wish to be viewed, and it is normal that it evolves over time.  Like a snake sheds its skin, we must also release the versions of ourselves that are outdated and start fresh.  

I don't usually take advantage of Cyber Monday deals, however this year is different.  I'm in the market for revamping my wardrobe.  It's easy for me to invest in business-related items (courses, website, trainings to help me grow and FOOD that makes me feel good) but when it comes to adorning myself, there has been a block and 2021 was spent clearing that out and donating lots of stuff to a local women's shelter.  

Our attire has an impact on our mood and how we show up.  Since Yoga and Pilates has me living in leggings, I feeling relaxed and cozy most of the time.  What I wear has become just as important as what I eat.....I can feel the difference between wearing something cheap and toxic as much as I can tell when I eat poorly.  Plus, just as much as I enjoy buying from local farmers & shops....I like buying sustainably sourced goods that support people I know and I feel a connection to.

December "Mindfulness" is a reminder that in all of the chaos of the holiday season to stop, take a breath and find ways that you can make changes in your daily life to be more mindful.  

Just like small observations from November gratitude can have a massive impact on your overall happiness, encourage a better quality of sleep and can have a huge impact on your mental health.  So, can making mindful actions on what we do daily propel us forward toward our ultimate purpose.  Mindfulness off of the mat is a practice for mindfulness on the mat that will ultimately make it possible to benefit from meditation and someday even limb 
#7 & 8!  

Here's 4 ways to practice Mindfulness with me this December...
1- Learn Yoga with me - 
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3-Holiday Shop here to scrolling through ways to give the gift of healthy living to your loved ones this season.
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To another month of abundant health and wellness,



The best gifts are your time and health.


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