Self Love is BACK...
" I love myself, I think I'm great....". ~Song from my Dad

I have a song ingrained in my head from childhood from my Dad (the intro to it is above).  It came back into my life while raising my own kids.  Repetition of catchy songs and things we repeat to ourselves literally rewire the pathways of our brains and thus rewrite the stories in our heads about self-doubt and worthlessness. 

Our brains are naturally programmed to pay attention to negatives in our lives. This is a response of the autonomic nervous system to trigger our fight or flight response designed to keep us safe. And while our fight or flight response is super important to keep us alive and well, it also is being triggered throughout our daily lives at the slightest inconveniences or disruptions when we are actually safe. To feel the sense of safety and calm our nervous system when it is ignited requires mindfulness and effort to rewire the synapses of our brains. The easiest way to rewire our old or ingrained patterns is the process of repetition. 

Since repetition builds neural paths in our brain along which thoughts travel. I'm offering a 14-day Self Love challenge 

So, if you're telling yourself a story that lacks self-confidence, self-love, and abundance or are living in a a space of self-doubt, worry, and scarcity....than join me for the next 14-days of self love by just  clicking here.  It starts right away!

Here's more ways to practice Self Love this month
That's why I have my  28 to elevate program.  It's meant to guide you over 28 days to uncover what you need to focus on for better health right now AND give you the momentum for real change to feel your best.

You can access this program FREE when you schedule your 3 private Yoga at the Lake classes this month (on land, Paddleboard or Reformer).  Learn more here.  

Cheers to your dreams,
Keri Elkin

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