Stress, Sleep & Sadness with EOs
Living in a constant state of stress can disrupt many of our body’s processes and create an increased risk for many health problems including:
  • Anxiety  ~ Depression
  • Digestive problems ~ Weight Gain
  • Heart disease ~ Headaches  
  • Sleep problems ~ Memory & concentration impairment ~ and more

It is so important to find ways that we can cope with the stressors of life. This class is a great place to start!  

Make Yoga a weekly routine to benefit from the life changing benefits from a regular practice.              ~ Yoga at the Lake ~ Intro to Prenatal Yoga ~ Intro to Yoga ~ Paddleboard Yoga             Join Class

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What's as awesome as Yoga & Pilates?  
The clothes you wear to class feeling and looking so great that you can wear them to shop, to work, out to dinner, around town, etc!  Each Friday we release new items @ Fashion Friday.  Watch the Thursday preview show @ 6PM Thursday on  Facebook   Instagram  shop now

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