Investing in Pleasure
There’s been a major shift in society over the past 20 or so years and it is wreaking havoc on self-esteem and the health of the public.  

Everything is just a click away and feeds in to our "FOMO" (fear of missing out). The need for insta-gratification purchases --from coffee to food delivery to high end beauty products to gadgets and apps and full price on clothes.  

But when I listen to women, they are resistant to investing in themselves --- hobbies, health, and learning and growing.  Not only is this a disservice to OUR health BUT we are teaching OUR KIDS to not prioritize themselves and this is the root of a healthy lifestyle. It's not too late to change this and experience your best health and lead our kids by this example.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Benjamin Franklin"

Perhaps we don't realize we are resisting prioritizing ourselves.  Resistance is one of those sneaky things that can show up in a multitude of clever ways.  It's more obvious in certain scenarios, like resisting jumping into a cold plunge because it's cold.  It becomes more subtle and tricky when it's disguised and hidden and thus difficult to pinpoint because we have adopted conditioning from our culture, upbringing and our formulated belief systems based on "what we know".  Some examples of this resistance are procrastination or scarcity, Thinking that we'll do it tomorrow/next week/next season or thinking we don't have the money when in fact we just made one of the above "insta-gratification" purchases.  

Many of my clients don't feel like they have resistance.  Many of you reading will think this, too.
Anything that challenges these ingrained structures of our persona seems like a threat and we will subconsciously defend against any change to that familiar pattern (even if the change could be super helpful). 

When we can remove ourselves from the immediate situation and see the bigger picture, which involves inquiry around how stepping into the unknown can be a tremendous benefit.  This is where courage, intuition and trust come in....

I know this first hand because I resisted anything having to do with it for years.  It wasn't until I simply dove in and faced my fear that change happened.  Mothers face unique challenges because we just want to spend all of our money on our kids.  Mindfully investing in self love, learning/growing, hobbies etc is VITAL for optimal mental & physical health.

Ultimately, why invest in yourself is the incorrect question, for it feeds into the belief system that pleasure should come for free from within as a healing modality for physical health, empowerment and abundance.  

What's your health worth to you?
What are you resisting that it's time to lean into?

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