3 R's of Mindfulness
"What you think, you become.  What you feel, you attract.  What you imagine, you create." ~Buddha

Did you know we have about 60,000 thoughts a day?!!

Unfortunately, these thoughts are mostly negative. If we can improve our thoughts we can improve our relationship with ourselves....in turn you'll notice your relationships with others changing.  

Try it out-- become aware of how you're speaking to yourself. Even the little comments (eg. that was stupid of me) matter.

So, what can you do to stop recycling the garbage in our heads?  The 3 R's of course.  It's a practice to bring us to the present moment instead scattered all over the place.

RECOGNIZE the thought.  Perhaps uncover where it's coming from (past/present).  Label it for what it is (eg. stupid - mental judgement).  
RELEASE it.  Let it go.  
RETURN to the moment.  For example if you're sitting --- just sit and be aware of sitting.  If you're doing errands --- slow down and just be aware of the the walk/drive/cleaning.  

Thoughts are only as powerful as you make them so if we can learn to take charge of our thoughts---practice mindfulness, we can make better choices as to what those thoughts are.

Mindfulness can offer a host of benefits to anyone and EVERYONE who practices. If you're looking for....
  • greater mental wellness 
  • improved physical health like lowering blood pressure & reducing chronic pain
  • relieving stress & symptoms of anxiety, depression, ADHD and more.
Add a consistent practice of yoga to your life to be more in-tune with your body, mind & emotions.  When we're able to truly withdraw from our minds we can start focusing on the now....that's were everything is blissful.  The 5,000 year old ancient practice of Yoga helps us heal from the inside out.  It changed my life and I LOVE sharing it with others!!   

1 in 4 Americans are living with anxiety, depression or some other mental health challenge. If we keep accepting this negative self talk as the norm, it will lead to toxic build-up and thus something bigger mentally, physically or both.  

Here's 2 ways to take charge of your mental, physical & spiritual wellness by adding Yoga to your life:    
  • Schedule your Yoga at the Lake (on land or Paddleboard) classes on your own or with friends here.  
  • New to Yoga?  Join the next Intro series here.
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