Daily Insanity
"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over & over and expecting a different result".  ~Einstein

We go to the gym, we watch what we eat, we live a life of stress and do it all over again every day and wonder why we can't lose weight, are always feeling tired or anxious or some other daily struggle.  What daily activities are you repeating in the hopes of different results?!

If you're unhappy with the way you look or feel (or both) then something's gotta change cuz that's no way to live life!  Some people rely on diets and fads but my secret is the 5,000 year old practice of yoga to make shifts in my daily life. I started yoga in my 20's and have gradually added each of the 8 limbs of yoga over the years.  Most people (including me) started yoga with the 3rd limb (the poses) but today I'm going to explain how the 2nd limb of Yoga, the niyamas, can be a roadmap to a healthy lifestyle.  There's 5 niyamas so here's 5 steps to reset for lifelong shifts in your health...

  1. Saucha(purity) - is the awareness that impurities both in our external environment & internal body adversely affect our state of mind & prevent the attainment of real wisdom and spiritual liberation.  On the mat we practice poses, breathing exercises and meditation to cleanse & purify the body & mind.  Off the mat we consciously work at surrounding ourselves with a pure environment (food/drink, friends, entertainment, home furnishings, etc)  so not to add any external impurities back into our body.
    • Try this:  Add seasonal cleansing to your life.  Watch my class -- "Detox for Immune Support" to learn how each Spring & Fall you can start fresh & is an opportunity to clean up whatever happened since your last cleanse.

  2. Santosha(contentment) - learning to be perfectly content with all that life gives us and not crave what we don't have.  It is easy for our mind to become fooled into thinking that we can attain lasting happiness through the possession of objects, goods and people but happiness gained through materialism is only temporary. Practicing contentment frees us from the unnecessary suffering of always wanting things to be different, and instead fills us with gratitude and joy for all of life’s blessings.
    • Try this:  Show up to life like you show up to your mat.  Breathe through the stresses that show up, back off when something becomes too intense to revisit it another day AND practice gratitude.

  3. Tapas (self-discipline) - is doing something you do not want to do that will have a positive effect on your life. When our will conflicts with the desire of our mind an internal “fire” is created which illuminates and burns up our mental and physical impurities. Tapas transforms and purifies us as well as enables the conscious awareness and control over our unconscious impulses and poor behavior. Practicing this helps to build will power and personal strength to help us become more dedicated to our practice of yoga and other healthy routines. 
    • Try this:  Add activities that you feel good doing (perhaps yoga class, play golf, hike, etc) to your weekly calendar...no excuses....it's gonna pop up on your calendar so you have to do it just like you have to go to your dentist, doctor, car-maintenance appointment.  If you haven't yet added a weekly yoga class to your life make sure to book your classes this month to lock in 2021 rates for the rest of 2022.

  4. Svadhyaya (self-reflection) is the ability to see our true divine nature in the moment and beyond our current state. Life presents an endless opportunity to learn about ourselves; our flaws and weaknesses give us the opportunity to grow and our mistakes allow us to learn. Examining our actions becomes a mirror to see our conscious and unconscious motives, thoughts, and desires more clearly.   
  5. Ishvara Pranidhana (devotion and self-surrender) is the dedication, devotion, and surrender of the fruits of one’s practice to a higher power.  To reach the ultimate goal of yoga we must dissolve our egocentric nature and let go of our constant identification with ourselves. Be aware of how your daily actions are adding to the greater good or how you can make shifts to incorporate your connection to a higher power.  
    • Try this:  Since this is a big one, I challenge you to just see yourself as a star in the sky --- adding light and awesomeness to those around you. The more stars the better the sky. There's no reason to compete with another star or judge our light but there is reason to assist a star that may have fallen or lost it's light or ask the neighboring star to assist you.  
What's something you're gonna change this month?  This April you can get FREE access to my 21 day elimination challenge by simply joining me for Yoga or cleansing with a ningxia or thieves bundle.  This is a great way to add the routine of Seasonal Cleansing into your life. Learn more during the "Detox for Immune Support" class here.

To your health & wellness,
Keri Elkin

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