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Check out these zip ups! Awesome for Yoga/Pilates and look great with jeans. 
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Pilates with KeriCLASSES AND EVENTS 
pilates on the reformer 
fall cleanseIntro to Detoxing Classintro to prenatal yoga 
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Learn more about ThievesFEATURED PRODUCT
It's the season to cleanse our guts!  This week's challenge is to CLEAN OUT your toxic household cleaners and replace it with just one bottle of Thieves and inhale Cinnamon, Roesemary, Clove, Lemon & Eucalyptus instead of toxic chemicals!  
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Fall CleanseLAST CALL, OCTOBER Challenge
Access the "
Seasonal Cleanse" Challenge of the Month FREE by picking one of the below routines that will reinforce refreshing your routine as we leave the lazy days of summer behind us.  Routine = Reward = Healthier YOU!

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