What do you do when you're feeling stuck?
Do things at your own pace.  Life's not a race! 

Just because you haven't heard from me, doesn't mean I'm not here cheering you on.  I practice what I preach and this month has been all about Abundance for me...resetting my focus and goals for 2022.  

A new year can be overwhelming so where do you start?  What part of your well-being could use a boost?  When you feel stuck, instead of just freezing, channel your inner problem solver to get unstuck and take imperfect action.  If you haven't done my abundance challenge, mindset is the perfect place to start and there's still some time left in January to join it here. 

Abundance doesn't exist for us if we don't prioritize ourselves.  
  • Are you putting everyone else first?
  • Are you feeling sad & lonely in your thoughts?
  • Are you unmotivated to do things for yourself?
Here's 5 ways to make this an Abundant month and prioritize you...

  1. Join my FREE 14-day Self Love Seriesjust click & go...it starts right away.

  2. Diffuse Abundance Essential oil to access the January Abundance Challenge

  3. Weekly Yoga class -not only will you feel good after class but I give you FREE access to my monthly off the mat challenges to simplify staying ahead of your health. #preventionmedicine

  4. Learn more about Ayurveda, my monthly challenges & take the body type quiz.  Make sure to let me know which one you're most excited about.

  5. Meditate -  Watch my FREE class here to learn the many ways you can meditate....cuz it doesn't have to be cross-legged.
To your health and wellness!

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