Backburner Moms
What does back-to-school season mean for you as a mom?

Whether you're about to become a mom, a mom of toddler, teens or even a grandkids, it can feel impossible to find time for your own hobbies. Parents often forget about their own passions and hobbies and revitalizing this part of life can be life changing. It’s all about balance. Learning and growing shouldn't get put on the backburner as a sacrifice for your children’s activities. When you lead by example, you are teaching your kids to prioritize themselves and this is the root of a healthy lifestyle.  It's not too late to change this and experience your best health.

We need to recognize mother’s for ALL that they do. They literally birth a human being from inside their uterus and provide all the support they can for their family and children while balancing relationships, jobs, and social life. But in addition to all that they struggle with on a day to day basis, mothers also face unique mental challenges. As a mother myself, I can relate to how challenging it can be to navigate everything life has to throw at us. Just remember: YOU CAN’T DO IT ALL.  Mindfully finding self compassion and self love while you experience motherhood is VITAL for optimal mental health.

Mindfulness is defined as the awareness that results from focusing attention on the present moment. 

For pregnant women, a mindful practice can contribute to relieving some of the pain, discomfort, stress, and anxiety that accompanies pregnancy to allow for a more relaxed, connected experience.

There are many practices that are uniquely designed for pregnant women offering support both mentally and emotionally during gestation and after birth, including prenatal yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises. 

For moms of big kids, teens or even grandkids, be sure to carve out time each week to do something you love. You love to run? Knit? Read a book? Garden? Whatever it is, find time for it. And remember while you are doing this thing you love to bring intention into it. Take deep breaths and remind yourself this is YOU time and that it is not only OKAY for you to give this precious time to yourself, but it is ESSENTIAL. This is mindfulness and one of the 8 steps in the ancient practice of Yoga to live a healthy & purposeful life.

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