Many studies have found that mind-body techniques can be useful in easing chronic pain such as migraines. 

There are many types of meditation, so you're sure to find one that works best for you. The key is to practice daily, so you are prepared for future migraines. 

Researchers are trying to learn more about what exactly happens in the body during meditation. Since many headaches are caused or aggravated by stress, tension, and anxiety, mind-body techniques like meditation may relieve headaches simply by alleviating underlying stress.

Here are a few common types of meditation to try:
  • Mindfulness. Mindful meditation is possibly the best-known style. During this meditation, you learn to concentrate on your breathing as you try to become completely focused and present in each moment.
  • Transcendental. This form of meditation is used by the Hindu religion and involves the use of mantras. Mantras are useful for blocking distracting thoughts.
  • Vipassana. Vipassana means "to see things clearly." This form of meditation is also known as insight meditation. Vipassana requires focusing on the deep connections between the body and the mind.
  • Zen. With zen meditation, you put your whole being into the meditation, to achieve a state of concentration and realize your true self.
Have you tried meditation? What did you think? 
“When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this: you haven’t.” – Thomas Edison

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