Welcoming Spring, the season of renewal.

Time for new growth & renewal...
Springtime is often associated with planting seeds and tending to gardens.  It is a sweet time of new growth and renewal.  In Ayurveda, also known as "yoga-off-the-mat" the spring is the season of Kapha Dosha.  Kapha Dosha is comprised of earth and water, offers sweetness, coolness and strength.  

The Ayurvedic philosophy of wellness encourages us to embrace this time of year and tap into the potential for healing and transformation.  The spring season offers us this powerful opportunity for radical renewal and rejuvenation.  By incorporating Ayurvedic concepts such as a gentle detoxification, eating in season foods, sunlight exposure, movement, sweat, sauna, massage and daily routine to support our overall health and well-being during this potent time of year.  

Just as a garden requires consistent care and attention to thrive, so too does our inner garden.  Taking care of our physical, emotional, spiritual well-being helps us cultivate a healthy and fulfilling life.  Now is a wonderful to reset, restore, develop more consistent practices such as healthy eating & spending time in nature.  

So this spring, as you tend to your physical garden take a moment to reflect on the garden within.  What seeds will you plant?  How will you tend to them?  By nurturing your inner garden, you can cultivate a life of joy, fulfillment & purpose which is our feminine power that most of us have disconnected with.

I invite you to immerse yourself in the practice of Yoga-off-the-mat. Immerse yourself into the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda for Modern day living for optimal well-being in your daily life by joining my next group seasonal cleanse -- Which includes 3 weeks of yoga & my 21-day elimination challenge.  

Is your body telling you it's time for a change?

If you are experiencing migraines, joint pain, trouble sleeping, auto-immune disease or other chronic issues ---- it's time to start listening to her.  

Wishing you a happy and healthy spring season!

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