How you feel at any one time can be changed quickly by the people around you.  Some make you feel energized.  Others feel like they are sucking the life right out of you.  This is a real phenomenon called "relational energy" and it can affect our attitudes, motivation, vitality, and physical health.  

In short, energizers help the people around them flourish with their support & drainers bring people down by focusing on the negative, complaining and pointing fingers elsewhere when things go wrong.

My monthly themes are meant to help you flourish one month at a time.  This month is all about happiness and prioritizing yourself.  

SSkin Leggings, Ina Sports Bra & Yoga Mat

Which is your goal?  

  • Mental, physical & spiritual wellness?
    Join lake YOGA for a different dimension of fitness while being outdoors!

  • Six pack abs without the high impact of boot camp?
    I suggest you try PILATES!

  • Feeling good instantly?
    Grab a pair of LEGGINGS OR SPORTS BRA by ordering your Style Box to tuck in at all the right places with sustainably sourced fabrics that feel awesome on your skin and were made for all shapes and sizes (xxs-3x).

  • Improve your Happiness? 
    Join the Happiness Challenge HERE 


  1. 8/5 Virtual Intro to Yoga Class
    Intro to kick off 3 weeks of yoga for beginners.

  2. 8/7 Saturday Yoga at the Lake:
    Register here by 7pm Friday night.

  3. Paddleboard Yoga.
    Pick the day/time and grab a friend for Paddleboard Yoga this week

  4. Book your own Zen hour:
    Pick the day/time and grab 1-7 friends for Yoga OR Pilates at the Lake


August special - buy 3 session @ $90 (that's $30 each) Click here to register.
**The local studios charge $95 for a private session and $60 per person for a semi-private*


The  Savvi Style Club  is a gift to celebrate your beautiful self each month with fresh new styles for Yoga, Pilates or your everyday life.  

Customers have the opportunity to get
  •  15% off of everything, 
  • $110 in credit for $99 
  • and FREE shipping
    *Use the credit anytime and cancel a month as often as you'd life.  
Not sure what to get?  
1.  See my top 4 MUST HAVS below!
2.  Watch our virtual fashion show for this week's new releases.  

 Facebook  or  Instagram  Shop immediately following the show (1:30pm ET) to ensure the color/sizes you want don't sell out!.

  1. Solas Leggings
    Awesome 18 colors, just enough compression, buttery soft.

  2. Indi Leggings
    Extra compression, great patterns, and so smooth.

  3. Noor Joggers
    Great colors and style that you can go to yoga or dress up for work.  Look fabulous while feeling like you're in sweatpants.

  4. Femme Sports Bra
    Super soft & perfect match to any of the above since has 18 colors!!  Great for Yoga & Pilates!!   

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