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October is mental health awareness month, so I thought I would share my Anxiety Resource Guide & personal story because I know that many others are dealing with this challenge in these trying times.  Whether you are running your own family, life and or business, I am sure you can relate.  

The state of the world can feel like a long-drawn-out down cycle.  Riding the waves seems very challenging for us all, and for those who are sensitive, empathic, or connected, it's a difficult time.  Layer on dealing with mental health issues, and it gets heavier.  

Perhaps to the outside world, it seems like I have everything together...don't we all?!  But the struggle is real - being a mom and small business owner is a challenging and lonely road to walk.  I spent most of my life taking care of my physical body, which is an outward manifestation of our mind, but it wasn't until recent years that I started prioritizing my mental and emotional wellness.  What a much more peaceful world it's become!!

Fortunately, I have many tools at my disposal to deal with my physical and mental health. Every time I take another class, listen to another book, I learn so much more because learning health is a lifelong process.  The process starts with committing to doing whatever it takes to take care of your body and mind, including your mental health.

My regime includes the following:

  • Pilates for my muscles
  • Yoga for my bones, joints, connective tissues and mental/emotional wellness
  • Meditation for self-care, stress & anxiety relief
  • Positive affirmations & self-talk
  • Healthy/clean eating which includes seasonal cleansing
  • Extreme moderation when it comes to alcohol and somewhat less to caffeine
  • Supplements - I worked with a special doctor to determine what supplements are best for me
  • Other healing - I'm currently enrolled in a 6-month feminine embodiment course that includes lots of 2nd chakra and ancestral work
  • Learning - I always have an audio book going or am in another course (I just finished my aerial yoga training and am immersed in an aerial Pilates training now)
  • FUN & Hobbies - outside of your kids
  • Therapy - I go to therapy the same way I would go to a doctor -- if something is "off".  It's a lot less frequent with the tools above!!
I've learned a lot about myself in my 40's, beneath the layers of my physical body.  In the process, I'm confident that I've become a role model for my kids (yet I don't know if I started out as one) and am well on my way to being the best "Granny" ever (some day).  I work hard to show them the many layers of a healthy life not just diet, exercise and good grades but mindfully including self-awareness, relationships, connection, etc.  Plus, I think they've enjoyed the results of my continued learning --- I have a house wait-list for one of my newer certifications in Thai Massage lol.  

This is the last week to join my 21-day mindfulness challenge to help you uncover a variety of ways to start focusing on the here and now ---- before it slips away and it's now the past.  Mindfulness is a stepping-stone to meditation --- so if you've never been able to experience a meditation practice it's most likely that you've skipped mindfulness (that's like skipping training wheels on riding a bike).  During the 21-day challenge, you'll be guided with a daily email to learn and try out mindfulness techniques that you can use in your everyday life.

If you or someone you know is living with anxiety, scroll through my anxiety resource guide now.  

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