2022 Part II
"This is my season, and I am going to enjoy every minute of it."

Remember just 6 months ago when we kicked off the new year?

What did you want for yourself for this year?  Whether you're feeling proud of how far you've already come this year or still know there's things you want to accomplish...this is the time to refresh and reset and make sure it happens as there's 6 month's to go in 2022!

I love the 2nd half of the year because while it can be hard to stick to goals you kicked off the year with in the dark & cold days of winter BUT it's lovely and bright out with longer days now and it's your time to shine!  

To help motivate you, I'm bringing in a little yoga wisdom from the first limb of Yoga, Sattya!
Sattya is a reminder to speak the truth....starting with yourself.  If all is not well right now, say so!  

Here's an example of how to bring that truth out, that you might not even be aware of.  Close your eyes and say the following to yourself:

"All may not be well right now, but right now will not last forever.  I will figure it out.  I will find my way and everything will be okay".  

What came up for you?

If you want weight loss, affirm it.  If you want less stress, affirm it.  If you want more self love, affirm it.
Affirm it by saying it!  Close your eyes and say the following to yourself:   

"I want to be healthy.  I want to feel good.  I want to look good.  So, I am going to become more of who I really want to be with each workout, healthy meal & positive decision".

Here's 2 of my favorite things that I do EVERY day to feel good! 
  1. Yoga (not always ON the mat, my OFF the mat practice is JUST as important) - 
    You can do classes for as low as $6 per person per class (with friends) 
    OR if you're flying solo you'll have FREE access to my 28 to elevate challenge (OFF the mat) when you join me ON the mat.  This program is sure to help you reach your health goals because it helps you uncover what needs your attention in YOUR life first. 

  2. Wear clothes that make you feel fabulous (ON & OFF the mat) - Use my $25 off code (below) ALL weekend to test something out for yourself!

YOGA, Get outdoors & experience Yoga at the Lake this summer... 
All you need is your mat and the desire for less stress and better health.

  • Classes for 1-3 people can be scheduled at your convenience Wednesday-Sunday.  $90 can be split amongst 3 people. $30 per person.
  • Organized group classes are Thursdays @ 4:30pm and every other Saturday morning.  $35 per person.
  • Schedule your land class Wednesday-Sunday $90 can be split amongst 10 people (3X a month is $60, that's $6 a person per class).
  • Organized group classes are Thursdays @ 6pm. $20 a person.
  • Have a great outdoor space that you want to host your class this summer?  The same rates apply!!

SHOP, My (online) Store...
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