Are you a borderline screamer?
"The same light in others is shining within you, too."

So, we're 2 weeks in to heart health February...
  • Are you aware of how you feel about yourself?  
  • Have you noticed the thoughts you repeat to yourself?
  • How have you made yourself a priority?
There's 2 weeks to take control of how you speak to yourself and do something that WILL make this happen. 

If you're not convinced to do it for yourself, than do it for your kids, grandkids, and future great grandkids because it's often passed down between generations. You can stop the cycle by leading them to better mental (and ultimately physical) health.  

Here's something to consider....
  • Do your kids see you loving & prioritizing yourself and thus as a more patient, loving and confident Parent?
  • Do they always see you doing for them & everyone else and thus showing them that everyone else comes first and now you're usually anxious, stressed or depressed or screaming and have NO energy and THUS rely on caffeine, alcohol, prescription medication, etc.
If you think you may be a....
  • Borderline screamer OR
  • Stressed role-model OR 
  • some how turned into a "Doormat"
  • Anxiety levels are out of control
  • Deep sadness that you cover up and no one has any idea cuz you look strong and invincible?
Here's 5 ways to prioritize spreading the love #hearthealthfebruary...

  1. Learn about the ancient practice of gemstones & essential oils for healing the body, mind, and spirit. 
    *Watch Oils & Crystals Class  

  2. Needing a little boost in the Romance department?!
    *Watch Oils & Romance Class 

  3.  Join the 14-Day Self Love Challenge here.

  4. Elevate yourself in 28 days during this month's off that mat challenge -
  5.   Grab yourself one of my 8 stay warm picks below...

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