Stress and anxiety can be overwhelming sensations, and it’s important to realize that they affect both our mental health as well as our physiological health.  You can try it out time you're feeling anxious try focusing on where in your body you feel it.  We need to be able to listen to our body, mind, and emotions to create balance.  A weekly yoga routine is a great step in connecting to ourselves and why I offer a FREE virtual class each week here so join in!!

There is increasing scientific evidence to show that our mental health is intricately linked with the health of our digestive system.  October's annual "Gut Detox" isn't just to prep our immune system for colder weather, it's also for our mental wellness.  

Healing is so empowering. Not just for the body, but for the mind, too. Knowing ourselves well enough to recognize what our minds and bodies need in order to THRIVE & can be being preventative.  Before you turn blindly to the crutch of pharmaceutical treatments, it’s worth looking a bit deeper into holistic remedies for your ailments. There are SO many ways to heal ourselves naturally from illnesses, imbalances, and diseases that the main issue will simply be to pinpoint exactly what the best one is for YOU.  

Our bodies are naturally programmed to restore, digest, and reproduce cells. When we interfere with these processes by ingesting unnatural substances or medicines, we are actually hindering the most basic processes of the body. We need to start learning how optimum functioning of the body should be the goal.  Natural remedies to human illness and imbalances date back thousands of years, and it’s simply our modern world which has lost touch with the more effective and sustainable concept of preventive medicine.  

My goal during  this Anxiety webinar is to help you learn some of the most beneficial methods to calm you naturally....and you'll be able to start Implementing them right away!    Check it out here.

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