My Favorite Juice Bar is Now Under New Ownership ---- ME!!

I am thrilled to have taken over the Superjuice Nation store in Wyckoff.  
I am passionately committed to continuing its mission of offering you the finest organic juices, smoothies, bowls and "Super Milks" around.

My commitment is to FULL wellness --- not just diet & exercise so we will have some exciting additions and upcoming events that we know you will absolutely love. My goal is to provide you with a holistic wellness experience where you can nourish your body, mind, and soul under one roof. Here's a glimpse of what's to come: 

  • Expanded Menu: Alongside our beloved juices, smoothies, and bowls, we will be adding homemade soups and gluten-free goodies soon to further support your well-being and cater to diverse dietary preferences.

  • Yoga: Get ready to experience tranquility and serenity with our yoga classes on the SECOND FLOOR!!  Aerial Yoga & Mat Classes will be available (intro to yoga, intro to meditation, intro to ayurveda, intro to feminine wisdom & intro to chakras).  

  • Special Events: We believe in creating a strong sense of community, and to that end, we have planned some special events (including a Grand Opening).  

  • Upcoming Women-Owned Networking Event: A wonderful opportunity to connect with amazing women entrepreneurs in our community. Let's foster support, collaboration, and empower each other to thrive!  February 15 & March 22nd - RSVP here.
At Superjuice Nation, we uphold the highest standards of quality, freshness, and customer service. With our new additions and events, we are raising the bar even higher to serve you better and enhance your healthy lifestyle. 

We cannot wait to welcome you at our newly acquired store in Wyckoff and provide you with an unforgettable wellness experience. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements to come!

If you have any questions, suggestions or simply want to share your excitement, please feel free to reach out to us. Your feedback means the world to us!!

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Immunity Reboot

Back-to-school time can be a very exciting yet stressful time of year. New experiences, new routines, new exposures and challenges… all of it requires some major maintenance for our bodies. 

Living the ‘Student Life’ can be stressful, exhausting, messy, and overwhelming. But so can adulting!!

Whether you're going back to school as a teacher or student OR even back to work after summer break, this is the time of year that we want to give our bodies all the support it needs to feel less stressed and promote better health & wellbeing.  

As we enter the colder months, it's important to support our immune system and overall health. 

Here's 3 ways to begin prioritizing your immune system now.

  1. Yoga Class - Intro to Ayurveda

    One way to do this is by practicing stress-relieving techniques such as meditation & yoga. Combining these strategies can help support your overall health and wellbeing, allowing you to thrive during the colder months.  

    Join me as we kick off October with Yoga & Intro to Ayurveda
    Ayurveda is another ancient practice (has been around thousands of years---just like Yoga) that can help you bring balance and routine into your life, especially during this transitional time when the weather starts to change.  When you register, you'll get FREE access to my Intro to Ayurveda guide right now

    **This is our final Yoga at the Lake class until May 2024!

  2. Immunity Reboot Challenge - This will begin RIGHT now 
    The gut-brain connection plays a crucial role in maintaining good mental health and overall wellness. Research suggests that a healthy gut microbiome can positively affect our mood, emotions, and cognitive function. The gut is known as our second brain because it contains millions of neurons that closely communicate with the brain.

    It takes approximately 21-days to create a habit!  When you join me for this month's challenge, you'll be inspired to adopt healthy habits and take small consistent steps over the next 3-weeks that can add up to significant improvements in your mind & gut!  By participating in this challenge, you'll be empowered to take control of your health by prepping your immune system for flu season.


  3. Keep Reading - Access my FREE Gut Health Guide
    Your gut health can have a huge impact on your mental wellbeing. By improving your gut health, you can help reduce stress, depression, and anxiety. Check out my gut health guide and discover powerful techniques that you can use right now to prep your gut for flu season.  

    Gut Health Guide 

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September Lake Yoga Series

So many women in this world are experiencing female related diseases. 

If you have your Menstrual Cycle , you may experience painful pms, irregular cycles, infertility, hormonal imbalances, no cycles at all, post-natal or depression.

If you are Perimenopause or Post menopause, you may experience hot flashes, restless leg syndrome, bloating, trouble sleeping, digestive issues, weight gain, urinary issues.

More exercise, more of the same or just thinking Yoga is woo-woo (which actually means magical) is gonna keep you in the same cycle of insanity (expecting the same ol' to eventually work).

Last night was the kick-off to following the moon series and we kicked it off with the full moon --- which is technically is tonight & the 2nd one in August!

Raising your feminine energy, by following the cycles all around (from the moon to your menstrual cycle) is a valuable practice for women so we are going to delve into the remaining cycles of the moon over the next 3-weeks yoga sessions to balance the energies within us.  

Feminine energy represents nurturing, intuition, compassion, and emotional intelligence. By embracing and cultivating this energy, we strive for equilibrium between our feminine and masculine qualities (the full moon being our most masculine of the cycles).

As we channel our feminine energy in our yoga practice, we tap into our authentic selves and explore our emotions and desires. This process allows us to connect with our innate creativity and express ourselves fully, whether through movement, breathwork, or meditative practices.

Creating a weekly time to raise our feminine energy at yoga class, allows us the space for Emotional Healing so that we may release stagnant energy, past traumas, and emotional blockages, leading to a greater sense of serenity, balance, and joy in our lives.  Since feminine energy is closely intertwined with intuition—we have to let this feminine energy flow so that we can gain the ability to listen and trust our inner voice & develop a deeper understanding of ourselves.

Just like exercising a muscle that you've never worked out before, we are going to awaken the feminine already inside of each of us to live a more empowered, connected and rewarding life!

I want to invite you on this month's journey to Elevate Your Feminine Power.
Each week of class we'll focus on just one cycle (whether you're following the moon or your menstrual cycle).  Starting with the Waning Moon & ending with the New Moon. 

Complementary to our on the mat practice you will have access to my off the mat 21-day Elevate Series to help you reset your routines for Fall.  Get a sneak peak of it in my Transform Your Wellness Guide here.  

Choose how you'd like to complete this series, by clicking on the option that works best for you:
  • Self-paced - member area with replay of all 3-classes
  • 3-Semi/Private sessions so you can pick your apparatus (aerial swing, reformer, paddleboard or mat) 
    & day/time that works for you and split the cost with your friend.
  • Group Classes - Tuesdays, 9/5, 12 & 19 @ 6:30pm (at the Lake). 
Upon completion of Feminine Power September, we'll kickoff Intro to Ayurveda Yoga class on 9/26 --- which will go deeper into 3rd chakra and getting your GUT (home of 70% of your immune system) ready for colder weather.

I am passionate about helping women prioritize their health and empower themselves to live their best lives.
Mental and physical wellness are interconnected and raising your feminine energy by being in tune with the cycles all around us can have a profound impact on your overall well-being.  Join me this month to prioritize your health and unleash your feminine power. 

PS....Savvi labor day sale is happening right now - 50% off!!  
50% off apparel through 8/31

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Yoga for wherever you go..

You can’t always bring your mat with you (unfortunately), but you can bring yoga! 

In fact, partaking in a few stretches while you’re traveling is crucial for keeping circulation healthy and your immune system in tip-top shape while you’re sitting in closely packed spaces, whether it be in a room, car, plane, or bus full of people!

It can be hard to keep up with your daily routine when you’re thrown off by jetlag, new time zones, or even just lack of time and unfamiliar surroundings...but it doesn’t have to be that way! 

Here are five tips for taking yoga on the road with you:
  1. Take it easy. You might miss out on your weekly yoga at the lake, daily meditation, etc but that’s okay! Pull back and aim for just 20 minutes of "you time", that might mean 10 minutes when you wake up and 10 minutes before bed, but that’s still worth feeling great about.

  2. Plan a simple sequence. Maybe for you, this means moving through your favorite flow three or four times. Take some time to establish a lineup of your favorite poses and move through what you need.  Check out this yoga sequence for battling jet lag.

  3. No mat, no problem. No strap? Use the tie from a hotel robe or a scarf -- it works just as well! Improvise!  Yoga can be done on a chair, in bed & at a wall.  Try this modified version of Down Dog to lengthen your back and release your shoulders no matter where you are.
    *Start by pressing your forearms against a wall and walk your feet back until they’re under your hips to let your chest melt toward the floor. Move your shoulders down and back to widen your collarbones. Your overall body shape should be similar to that of an “L,” with your forearms on the same level as your hips (or a little higher).  You can see this modified shape (and others) here.
  4. Rock a mini-meditation. Remember that yoga is more than asana. A big part of yoga is breathing, and you can use your breath t to add a little more intention to any time of day, no matter where you are. 

  5. Incorporate yoga into your travel plans. Most towns offer a free first class, if you’re visiting somewhere new, make sure to check it out!
I am motivated to bring yoga to as many people as possible which is why I offer yoga on various apparatus'.... the aerial swing, paddle board, reformer or mat.  

This month we are going to learn to JOURNAL!  Journaling is a form of meditation and a great way to discover which chakra (energy center) is out of balance.  You'll have access to the 21-day journaling series when you join me this month for either:
  • 3-week yoga series  
  • 3-private/semi-private sessions - you get to choose the class day/time, equipment (aerial swings, paddleboard, mat or any combination) AND whether or not to bring a friend or two ---it's the same price so you can split it and motivate each other!
You will be guided daily to journal to jumpstart you meditation journey.

I want you to feel like you're on vacation, so weather permitting, we get outdoors at the lovely lake for Paddleboard Classes and/or Sunset Yoga classes (on the mat) and we are back home for dinner.  

Each February we actually do vacation to a tropical destination!  Just in time to make it through the rest of winter & return to the real world feeling fabulous!!

NEW TO YOGA?  Join my virtual self-paced programs:

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Tonight's Yoga at the Lake with Meditation Series will be postponed to start NEXT Monday....

These weekly yoga classes (Monday evenings 7/10, 17 & 24 @ 6pm with raindate Tuesdays) are meant to be at the lake so you can experience nature therapy in addition to learning to meditate. Since tonight appears to be bringing us rain and tomorrow is a holiday, we are going to officially start this 3-week series NEXT Monday.  That will give you the opportunity to get started with our complementary Intro to Meditation program that is included in this 3-week series (located in my online member area). 

One of the key advantages of utilizing the member area is the convenience it offers. Regardless of your hectic schedule, you can easily integrate meditation into your daily routine. So, tonight (or whenever you can this week) you can do the kick-off yoga class from the convenience of your home and be prepared for what to expect when we meet up at the lake NEXT week.

The member area is a perfect companion to enhance your weekly yoga at the lake classes and take your meditation practice to the next level. We understand that learning to meditate is a journey, and our complementary member area is designed with that in mind.

Within this exclusive area, you will have access to a variety of resources, including:
  • guided meditations (eg. gratitude, yoga nidra, body scan and more)

  • 21-day meditation series: Meant to take you 5-10 minutes each day & allows you to navigate through various techniques and experiences to help you uncover practices that works best for you to ensure your success. 

  • pre-recorded gentle yoga classes meant to prep you for a meditation or help you relax from the stresses of life.
    As you cultivate your physical strength and flexibility through these classes, you will simultaneously deepen your meditation practice. By combining the two, you can achieve a profound sense of harmony, not only on the mat but also in your day-to-day life.
In summary, our complementary online member area serves as a valuable resource to supplement your weekly yoga at the lake classes and help you learn to meditate effectively. 

Tonight is the FULL MOON --- which is a monthly reminder to manifest.  I'm inviting you to manifest inner peace, improved focus, and a renewed sense of well-being this July by immersing yourself in the ancient tradition of yoga & meditation.


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