Learn Yoga this June

Learn Yoga this June
 "Yoga is the ultimate practice.  It simultaneously stimulates our inner light and quiets our overactive minds.  It is both energy & rest.  Yin & Yang.  Feel the burn and find the bliss."  ~Unknown  

Are you or someone you know new to Yoga?  During the month of June I will have an intro to yoga series for beginners. 

Yoga's been around for thousands of years and it's not going anywhere.  It's a whole body workout that grows at your individual pace, builds muscle strength while simultaneously improving flexibility.  Plus, it's perfect for fixing poor posture, protecting your bones from osteoporosis and lessening back pain.  Whether you're looking to sweat, burn calories, promote relaxation, lower your cortisol levels (aka your stress hormone) this is the perfect time to start your Yoga & Pilates routine!

During your very first yoga class you may not be able to touch your toes, might feel a little sore after stretching muscles that haven't been moved or used that way in a long time.  But overtime, you'll notice everyday aches and pains start to disappear --- perhaps your shoulders will be a little looser, or you're sitting up straighter, or you're more relaxed.  Better yet after regular practice, you'll feel more in-tune with you body and perhaps even start to crave the poses that you know made you feel good (eg. stretched out your back, loosened your hamstrings, etc).

The practice of yoga incorporates mind, body, and spirit for total well-being- such as breath control, meditation, and physical poses.  The practice of yoga has evolved throughout the years.  Many individuals only utilize the practice for the physical benefits. However, a number of mental and spiritual benefits can also be obtained.

Studies have found that yoga contributes to not only increased strength and flexibility, but also increased mindfulness, emotion regulation, empathy, concentration, and sense of connectedness, among many other benefits.  

Yoga is the perfect way to sweat, burn calories, promote relaxation and a more centered mind overall....all while lowering your cortisol levels (AKA your stress hormones) which can lead to mental health challenges.  If you're feeling stressed or just haven't found a form of exercise you enjoy yet, yoga might be perfect for you.

Here's how to benefit now!  
  • Watch the FREE class How Yoga Heals now by going here.  Then if it sounds like it may be for you....you'll be able to join the FREE live virtual kick-off class.
  • Already have Yoga experience?  Join me for Yoga at the Lake (on land or paddleboards).  Learn more here


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3 R's of Mindfulness

3 R's of Mindfulness
"What you think, you become.  What you feel, you attract.  What you imagine, you create." ~Buddha

Did you know we have about 60,000 thoughts a day?!!

Unfortunately, these thoughts are mostly negative. If we can improve our thoughts we can improve our relationship with ourselves....in turn you'll notice your relationships with others changing.  

Try it out-- become aware of how you're speaking to yourself. Even the little comments (eg. that was stupid of me) matter.

So, what can you do to stop recycling the garbage in our heads?  The 3 R's of course.  It's a practice to bring us to the present moment instead scattered all over the place.

RECOGNIZE the thought.  Perhaps uncover where it's coming from (past/present).  Label it for what it is (eg. stupid - mental judgement).  
RELEASE it.  Let it go.  
RETURN to the moment.  For example if you're sitting --- just sit and be aware of sitting.  If you're doing errands --- slow down and just be aware of the the walk/drive/cleaning.  

Thoughts are only as powerful as you make them so if we can learn to take charge of our thoughts---practice mindfulness, we can make better choices as to what those thoughts are.

Mindfulness can offer a host of benefits to anyone and EVERYONE who practices. If you're looking for....
  • greater mental wellness 
  • improved physical health like lowering blood pressure & reducing chronic pain
  • relieving stress & symptoms of anxiety, depression, ADHD and more.
Add a consistent practice of yoga to your life to be more in-tune with your body, mind & emotions.  When we're able to truly withdraw from our minds we can start focusing on the now....that's were everything is blissful.  The 5,000 year old ancient practice of Yoga helps us heal from the inside out.  It changed my life and I LOVE sharing it with others!!   

1 in 4 Americans are living with anxiety, depression or some other mental health challenge. If we keep accepting this negative self talk as the norm, it will lead to toxic build-up and thus something bigger mentally, physically or both.  

Here's 2 ways to take charge of your mental, physical & spiritual wellness by adding Yoga to your life:    
  • Schedule your Yoga at the Lake (on land or Paddleboard) classes on your own or with friends here.  
  • New to Yoga?  Join the next Intro series here.
When you join me for Yoga this month, you'll have FREE access to my meditation challenge
You can watch the FREE intro to Meditation class right now by going here.

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Gut-Brain Connection

Gut-Brain Connection
"When you let go of who you are, you become who you might be."

The gut-brain connection is no joke; it can link anxiety to stomach problems and vice versa.  Just think about the last time you had "butterflies in your stomach" -- it came from a feeling you were having.  Emotions (eg anger, anxiety, sadness, elation) trigger symptoms in the gut.  Now remember a time when you've felt sick to your stomach because of something physical (eg. pms, reaction to food, growling belly, dropped blood/sugar levels, etc)....how does that make you feel mentally?  See the connection yet??!!

If you've been following along with my monthly themes/challenges, you should feel all the pieces fitting together perfectly towards a healthy mental, physical, emotional and spiritual path. For example, April was all about cleaning out guts so it makes sense that May is all about cleaning out minds---coincidentally just in time for Mental Health month!  

This path is based on the 5,000 year old practice of Yoga & Ayurveda.  Today I want to focus on the 7th limb of Yoga, Dhyana (#7) which means to think (aka meditate).  Dhyana is a progression of yoga poses (#3), breathing (#4) & mindfulness (#5 & 6)---which is what most people think of meditation as, sitting cross-legged withdrawing from the senses & concentrating.  Meditating/Dhyana/#7 is a state of being....being one with the breath, one with the universe,  When we're truly there our emotions, feelings, reactions aren't controlling us. This state of awareness can not only help to calm your mental state, impulsive behavior and unwanted thoughts but it'll help treat your sleep problems, repair your relationships with yourself (and thus others), and you can even work towards relieving physical pain (eg. headaches & muscle/joint pain).   

If you're ready to create change in your life, here is how to begin...

Schedule your weekly Yoga sessions with me so we can practice releasing tension and blocked energy through poses, breathing & mindfulness.  May's Yoga classes come with my 21 day meditation challenge.  So, you'll be practicing limbs 3-7, too!!!  Learn more about the meditation challenge here.

If you haven't yet done my 21 day mindfulness challenge, this is the last week to join.   Click here & it starts right away....just check your email today & for the next 21 days.

Beginning your yogic journey through the 8 limbs of Yoga is a challenging but worth-achieving goal!!

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Last chance for 2021 pricing!

Last chance for 2021 pricing!
True yoga is not about the shape of your body, but the shape of your life.  Yoga is not to be performed; yoga is to be lived.  Yoga doesn't care about what you have been; yoga cares about the person you are becoming. ~Aadil Palkhivala

Yoga at the Lake season starts next week.  Classes will be on land or paddleboard and here's how you can start benefitting from a weekly practice & experience nature therapy!!

Paddleboard classes (on water--Oakland)
  • From May-September you can do private or small group classes for 1-3 people for as little as $30 per person!!
  • From June-August you have the option of having a group of 10 -- thanks to Ramsey Outdoor & the Franklin Lakes Nature Preserve for $35.
Yoga at the Lake classes (on land -- Oakland):
  • From May-October you can do a private or small group classes for 1-10 people for as little as $6 per person!!
  • Prefer to join a weekly community class?  Register here. Thursdays @ 12:15pm.
  • Small group rates can be split amongst 10 people.  
  • Private classes include free access to the challenge of the month starting with 28 to Elevate.
    *2021 rates are valid through 2022 for anyone that signs up by 4/30/22.  New rates begin 5/1/22.

    **Have a great outdoor space that you want to host your class this summer?  The same rates apply!!
Coming in June, Community Classes @ Franklin Lakes Nature Preserve:
  • Paddleboard Yoga - Thursdays from 4:30-5:30pm and every other Saturday @ 9am - $35 per person.
  • Yoga at the Lake (on land) - Thursdays from 6-7pm - $15 per person.
New to Yoga?  Join my next intro series that kicks off in JUNE here...

Watch one of my FREE classes below to learn how Yoga can start benefitting you right now. 

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Calm your Anxiety NOW!

Calm your Anxiety NOW!
"Living with anxiety is like being followed by a voice.  It knows all your insecurities and uses them against you.  It gets to the point when it's the loudest voice in the room.  The only one you can hear."  ~Unknown  

Are you living with anxiety? 

Anxiety is the mind and body's reaction to stressful, dangerous, or unfamiliar situations. It's the sense of uneasiness, distress, or dread you feel before a significant event. Anxiety is not always a bad thing....a certain level of Anxiety helps us stay alert and aware. However if anxiety is your normal state of living, you'll start experiencing side effects like the below....

  • Restlessness, fatigue, tiredness or insomnia
  • Irrational fear, worry, agitation or lack of concentration
  • Sickness--- any of the above can lead you to a more serious state from panic attacks to physical symptoms (such as headaches, stomach issues, weight gain, etc).
Anxiety is not always related to an underlying condition. It may be caused by:
  • Stress that can result from work, school, personal relationship
  • Emotional trauma
  • Financial concerns
  • Stress caused by a chronic or serious medical condition
  • A major event or performance
  • Side effect of certain medications
  • Alcohol consumption, drugs such as cocaine
  • Lack of oxygen
  • Foods you eat
Anxiety is a massive indicator that something in either internal or external environment is out of balance.. Watch my FREE class  Calm your Anxiety to learn more & take action to correct what's going on inside of you that perhaps is showing up on the outside as one of the side effects listed above.

Below are 2 steps you can be taking right now to naturally work towards returning to full balance and thus experience optimum health.

  1. AYURVEDA (the sister science of yoga and an "off the mat" practice):
    We try to find balance through uncovering what our unique state of balance is and thus naturally returning it that way.  Some things in your life that can be causing this imbalance are relationships with family, friends, generational pasts, nature (the environment), our bodies, our community, foods, exercise, etc.  You can learn more about  Ayurveda here ...including taking the free body type quiz to discover your unique state of balance.  My monthly challenges are practices meant to bring back balance to our daily emotions, mental health, physical body and spiritual connections.
    *This is also the last week to join my Mindfulness challenge.  Click here...to start it right away....IT'S FREE and a great first step to meditation. MINDFULNESS CHALLENGE  
  2. YOGA (on the mat):
    A great way to mindfully practice what we do daily is through a Yoga routine "on the mat"  to prep us for how to handle life "off the mat".  When you join me for Yoga this MAY, you'll have free access to my 21-day meditation "off the mat" challenge.  
April 30th is the last chance to lock in 2021 Yoga pricing.   

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To your health and wellness,

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