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It takes more than just exercise to stay healthy.  We are what we eat, see, people you hang out with, absorbs into our skin (eg face wash, toothpaste, sanitizer), inhale into our lungs (eg. air fresheners, perfumes, cleaning products), etc.  If you're experiencing any of the below, it's time to be more mindful about the toxic things that are a part of your life...

Weight gain -
- Lack of energy -
- Poor skin -
- Foggy mind -
- Mood swings -
- Allergies -
- Flu-like symptoms -
 - Unhealthy urges - 

My favorite product....THIEVES Housecleaner & Sanitizer.

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 Intro to Yoga Kick off & Series

Intro to Yoga Kick off & Series

Yoga is one of the fastest-growing exercises.  It's been around for thousands of years and it's not going anywhere.  It's a whole body workout that grows at your individual pace, builds muscle strength while simultaneously improving flexibility.  Plus, it's perfect for fixing poor posture, protecting your bones from osteoporosis, and lessening back pain.  Practicing yoga is a way to sweat, burn calories, promote relaxation and a more centered mind overall....all while lowering your cortisol levels (aka your stress hormones).  The practice of yoga incorporates mind, body, and spirit for total well-being- such as breath control, meditation, and physical poses.  The practice of yoga has evolved throughout the years.  Many individuals only utilize the practice for the physical benefits.  However, a number of mental and spiritual benefits can also be obtained.

Register for the 4-week series below.
12/1, 8, 15 & 22 @ 7pm - Yoga ON the Mat    - $97
*3 person minimum for class to run LIVE payment due 11/30/22"
Make yoga a weekly routine this month to get you practicing so that you can experience the life changing benefits that come with a regular practice. We'll practice the poses during class that you'll learn during the 30  Poses in 30 Days Challenge:  1 pose a day will be delivered directly to your inbox. You'll learn the benefits & how to do each pose.  By the last class we'll have 30 poses!!

Kick-off class by 12/1Yoga 101 - Kick off Webinar 
You'll learn the basics to get you started so you'll know what to expect for the following 3 weeks.
12/8, 15 & 22 - Weekly class

By registering below, you'll receive the FREE How Yoga Heals resource guide and link to registering for the 4-week series.


 A Healthy Gut for Healthy Skin! - REPLAY

A Healthy Gut for Healthy Skin! - REPLAY

Your digestive health plays a key role in all aspects of health, including healthy skin!

Did you know that the skin is the largest organ of the body? It takes up approximately 21 square feet!

The gut and skin have more in common than you'd think! Both act as defenders against pathogen invasion from the outside environment. They each consist of their own microbiome and thus prove many connections between disorders of the gut and skin.

Chances are, over the years you’ve spent plenty of time and effort on various products with the hopes to perfect your skin. All the while, it may have never occurred to you that skin conditions had to be cured from the inside out!

My goal is to teach you how to improve your skin by improving your gut health. Check out my class "Your Gut, Your Skin, and You".

Eat Your Way to Healthy Skin!

When it comes to skin there are many myths out there…
  • The right skin cream can keep your skin looking young.
  • Eating chocolate or oily foods causes oily skin and acne.
  • Antibacterial soap is best for keeping your skin clean.
  • Tanning is good for preserving an even skin tone.
  • Vitamin E will make scars fade.

 Skin issues are usually a symptom of something much deeper going on. In the past, skin issues did not automatically point us to the gut, but we now know more about the relationship between the two.

As we now understand, the best way to improve gut health is through the foods we eat. If you’re interested in learning more information about improving gut health for healthier skin this class is for you.

Love The Skin You’re In!

During this class, I am motivated to share the truth 
regarding gut health and healthy skin. While specific foods may not directly lead to conditions such as acne, food certainly can play a role in the proper balance of ‘good’ vs. ‘bad’ bacteria in the gut.

Everyone wants to look their best! Understanding the root cause 
of specific conditions can help correct issues for good and no more wasting money on expensive creams and potions that don’t live up to their promises. The key to healthy skin is treating conditions from the inside out, something a topical cream simply cannot achieve.

Keeping skin looking its best means feeling your best. I have tips 
on which foods to eat more of, foods to avoid, and nutrients that may be missing due to gut imbalances. One thing is for certain - issues in the gut make themselves known through the skin.

Let me help you love the skin you're in and join me for Healthy Gut Healthy Skin!

Don’t forget to share with some friends you know that would also 
like to look and feel their best!

Available all week by registering below.  Check your email right away to watch it now.


 Yoga for Stress Relief

Yoga for Stress Relief

Shift Your Headspace With Yoga

Stress is a part of everyday life, whether we like it or not. Luckily, there’s a powerful tool that has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, lower our blood pressure, and help slow the negative side effects that excessive stress can have on our bodies. Best of all, this tool can be used by anyone, no matter their skill level, access to equipment, or physical ability.

Whether you’re sitting at your desk at work, on the road away from home, or relaxing on your couch after a long day of work, yoga is always available to help you relax and feel in touch with your mind, body, and spirit.

Yoga also trains your counter-stress response system called the parasympathetic nervous system. With regular practice, chronic daytime stress hormone levels drop, and heart rate variability will increase, helping you gain power over your ability to tolerate stress. This has been shown to improve even after a few sessions of yoga.

Regardless of whether you’re a first-timer or you’ve been practicing yoga for years, my Flow for Stress Relief webinar will be a fantastic way for people of all walks of life to learn about the basics of how yoga can be used to relieve stress. 

Fight Stress & Find Serenity

My favorite thing about yoga is that it’s accessible to everyone. You don’t need a membership or any special equipment. In fact, you don’t even need a mat!

Stress is something that demands all of our energy, which in turn wreaks havoc on our bodies and minds. Yoga provides the means that help us cope with that stress in a way that forces us to turn inward and connect with ourselves.

As soon as students start incorporating yoga into their regular routines, they find that the mindfulness that is practiced on the mat can easily be transferred to the outside world, and that’s how yoga changes lives.

If you’re ready to learn about the transformational effects of yoga and begin teaching your body how to better cope with everyday stressors, don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity.

RSVP below to access this class ALL week long.


 Calm Your Anxiety

Calm Your Anxiety

You don’t HAVE to be so anxious!

What if there were easier ways to cope with stress and 

anxiety than the burden (and expense) of over-the-counter 


So many people who experience anxiety simply aren’t 

aware that there IS an alternative state of mind to feeling 

stressed all the time, WITHOUT depending on costly 

pharmaceuticals to do so.

For centuries, holistic medicine has treated those 

experiencing symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression 

with all-natural methods of alleviating stress, and this 

webinar, Calm Your Anxiety will help you to understand 

exactly how!

Experiencing the Healing Nature of… Nature!

Human beings have been treating one another with 
herbal and natural medicines all over the world since 
time began, with the goal of using all available resources 
to target specific physical, mental, and emotional 
imbalances which give rise to what we know today as 

The concept of natural medicine isn’t complicated - in fact, 
it’s the opposite. There are many simple and natural lifestyle 
changes you can make to help alleviate the symptoms 
of stress and anxiety such as learning how to recognize 
your triggers as well as to maintain your grasp on them 
when they arise.

Getting to know your individual needs and treating them 
accordingly is what holistic experts (like me) will 
assess and recommend.

This is all possible without the use of manufactured or 
generic pharmaceuticals (an industry in itself which 
gives rise to anxiety at just the mere thought of), and 
during this class, we’ll be going through some of the 
most impactful adjustments and treatments you can 
make to find what works for YOU.


I am motivated to help spread awareness of holistic 
remedies and treatments simply because we believe it 
to be THE most natural and beneficial way to care for 
ourselves and our families. There are less expensive, 
more effective, and healthier ways to treat stress and 
anxiety than by depending on pills, and we believe that 
everybody deserves the chance to get to know 
themselves and their own requirements.

What works for one person might not work for another, 
so cultivating AWARENESS of the vast expanse of 
holistic medicine we feel is vital to achieving optimum 
individual health.  By achieving optimum individual 
health, we contribute to the optimized health and 
wellbeing of our entire communities as a whole and 
elevate the potential & impact we have in the world. It’s 
about empowering ourselves and our families to function to 
our highest energetic and creative capacity, using what we 
were given to naturally exist and give back to the world.

Watch the replay all week by RSVPing below.


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What Are Essential Oils?

Why Us?

We are very diligent about our protection of earth and its citizens. We hold the highest standards for our essential oil production process, bringing the world the finest products available. From the seed of the plant to the seal on the bottle, our high standards are integral with who we are.

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Lemon essential oil can add a delightful, fresh flavor to many recipes. Start with one drop instead of adding lemon zest or lemon juice to a dish.

Emotional Support Blend

This blend has a rustic, grounding aroma to help encourage a positive attitude.

Immune Support Blend

Support a healthy immune system. Add a drop of this blend to your coffee or water to infuse a spicy flavor.


Peppermint is great tasting and livens up your baking, protein shakes, tea, and water with just a drop.

Calming Support Blend

With an aroma that may help encourage a calm atmosphere, this blend is an uplifting addition to your routine.


Frankincense (Boswellia carterii) includes the naturally occurring constituent limonene, and has a woodsy, warm, balsamic aroma.

Air Purifier Blend

This essential oil blend helps freshen the air and eliminate odors with its refreshing and uplifting combination of citrus and spearmint essential oils.

Muscular Support Blend

This blend is soothing to the skin while providing comforting warmth to muscles after exercise.


Lavender is great for relaxing and winding down before bedtime; add to bath or diffuse to create a calming, comforting environment.

Relaxation Support Blend

Enjoy this blend's refreshing and soothing scent, a unique combination of vanilla, lime, ocotea, lavender, and other pure oils.

Respiratory Support Blend

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Updates from Keri Elkin

Yoga Class starts now....

It's the third week of GRATITUDE month!

Gratitude is a practice that just keeps giving back and just a small piece of a Yoga practice.  The stretches/poses of Yoga are just another piece of Yoga.  I've done many exercises classes over the years from swimming to kickboxing to Kung Fu to Bootcamp to Hot Yoga to even running a marathon (all 26.2 miles!!).  All of which helped me on the outside. BUT something else was happening the more I practiced Yoga -- I felt a sense of relief on the inside!  As a mom and small business owner, I don't have the energy to keep up with these exercises from my teens, twenties and thirties. --- plus I'm not getting any younger and I'm not willing to give up my health and goal to be an awesome Granny someday.  

As we approach the final month of 2022, what needs healing in your life?   
  • Need to build muscle strength, sweat or burn calories so you don't have to hide behind your kids/grandkids in pictures?
  • Looking to improve flexibility or poor posture so you can keep up with our kids and grandkids?
  • Want to protect your bones from osteoporosis or lessen back pain so you don't need to miss out on memories being made around you?
  • Stressed and need to promote relaxation, lower your cortisol levels so you're not the mom screaming at your kids or the grandmom that only has the energy to do inactive things (eg. watch movies, go out to eat, etc).
  • Feeling lack of connectedness and just want to be part of a community that is going to help motivate you to do all of the above while discovering why this world needs you here?
  • Are your emotions out of whack cuz of your monthly cycle or menopause and you are losing yourself to sadness, anxiety and whatever comes up on a given day?
Many individuals only utilize the practice of Yoga for the physical benefits; however, I am proof that a number of mental and spiritual benefits can also be obtained through breath control, meditation, poses and lifestyle (including Gratitude). The thousands of years of Yoga history, practices and traditions has the added benefit of healing from the root ---what was passed down from our ancestors to our daily mental stressors.  

Where you are in your life now?  Click on the one that best describes YOU & access my FREE Yoga resource guide that correlates with it right now-- plus a FREE Yoga class will be delivered straight to your inbox that you can do immediately!

"Yoga is the ultimate practice.  It simultaneously stimulates our inner light and quiets our overactive minds.  It is both energy & rest.  Yin & Yang.  Feel the burn and find the bliss."  ~Unknown  

Gratitude that you have given me the opportunity to support your health and wellness,

My Story

My Story
October is mental health awareness month, so I thought I would share my Anxiety Resource Guide & personal story because I know that many others are dealing with this challenge in these trying times.  Whether you are running your own family, life and or business, I am sure you can relate.  

The state of the world can feel like a long-drawn-out down cycle.  Riding the waves seems very challenging for us all, and for those who are sensitive, empathic, or connected, it's a difficult time.  Layer on dealing with mental health issues, and it gets heavier.  

Perhaps to the outside world, it seems like I have everything together...don't we all?!  But the struggle is real - being a mom and small business owner is a challenging and lonely road to walk.  I spent most of my life taking care of my physical body, which is an outward manifestation of our mind, but it wasn't until recent years that I started prioritizing my mental and emotional wellness.  What a much more peaceful world it's become!!

Fortunately, I have many tools at my disposal to deal with my physical and mental health. Every time I take another class, listen to another book, I learn so much more because learning health is a lifelong process.  The process starts with committing to doing whatever it takes to take care of your body and mind, including your mental health.

My regime includes the following:

  • Pilates for my muscles
  • Yoga for my bones, joints, connective tissues and mental/emotional wellness
  • Meditation for self-care, stress & anxiety relief
  • Positive affirmations & self-talk
  • Healthy/clean eating which includes seasonal cleansing
  • Extreme moderation when it comes to alcohol and somewhat less to caffeine
  • Supplements - I worked with a special doctor to determine what supplements are best for me
  • Other healing - I'm currently enrolled in a 6-month feminine embodiment course that includes lots of 2nd chakra and ancestral work
  • Learning - I always have an audio book going or am in another course (I just finished my aerial yoga training and am immersed in an aerial Pilates training now)
  • FUN & Hobbies - outside of your kids
  • Therapy - I go to therapy the same way I would go to a doctor -- if something is "off".  It's a lot less frequent with the tools above!!
I've learned a lot about myself in my 40's, beneath the layers of my physical body.  In the process, I'm confident that I've become a role model for my kids (yet I don't know if I started out as one) and am well on my way to being the best "Granny" ever (some day).  I work hard to show them the many layers of a healthy life not just diet, exercise and good grades but mindfully including self-awareness, relationships, connection, etc.  Plus, I think they've enjoyed the results of my continued learning --- I have a house wait-list for one of my newer certifications in Thai Massage lol.  

This is the last week to join my 21-day mindfulness challenge to help you uncover a variety of ways to start focusing on the here and now ---- before it slips away and it's now the past.  Mindfulness is a stepping-stone to meditation --- so if you've never been able to experience a meditation practice it's most likely that you've skipped mindfulness (that's like skipping training wheels on riding a bike).  During the 21-day challenge, you'll be guided with a daily email to learn and try out mindfulness techniques that you can use in your everyday life.

If you or someone you know is living with anxiety, scroll through my anxiety resource guide now.  

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