What's your Dosha?
" Happiness comes from within and happiness comes from without"

Anxiety, stress and depression are massive indicators that something in our internal or external environments are out of balance. What are some ways we can detect where and why we are imbalanced? 

Some of the easiest ways to detect where the imbalance is rooted can be to observe your energy level, observe your mood, observe your appetite, observe your stool, and observe the taste in your mouth. Each of these different observations can pinpoint specific aspects of your life that may be out of balance.

Ayurveda is a practice of ancient Indian embodiment of holistic health and aims to treat and balance your "entire being" (dosha) rather than just the physical body, or single ailment. Anxiety, stress and depression are massive indicators that something in your internal or external environment is out of balance. By enlisting the help of natural medicines and remedies, we hope to return to full balance and thus experience optimum health. 

Do you know what your dosha is? 

Though it’s believed that each person has a unique constitution, they generally fall under one of three main dosha types — vata, kapha, and pitta — based on their body type, personality, and sensitivities. 

Let’s break them down to the basics:

Vatas are energetic, slim and creative. 
The two elements of Vata are air and space. The general qualities associated with this dosha are cold, light, dry, rough, and spacious. 

Pittas are usually more muscular and athletic and are known to be highly motivated, competitive, and natural leaders. The pitta dosha is based on the elements of fire and water. Its general qualities are hot, light, sharp, oily, and liquid. 

Kapha is heavier and thick-boned as a typical body type, and is also trusting, empathetic, wise, and supportive. Kapha: The kapha dosha is earth and water and is a more grounded energy. Its qualities are steady, stable, slow, heavy, cold, and soft.

Ayurveda is often termed Yoga OFF the mat.  Learn more about Ayurveda by watching the FREE intro video & taking the dosha quiz here.  

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