Happy Earth Day!

A great way to celebrate EARTH DAY is to make small changes together.  Mindfully making small shifts daily can protect our environment.  Every decision we make impacts the world in a big or small way.  

Now take that same mindfulness caring for ourselves.  We are all our own little Earth....together a universe. The small changes we make daily can protect our mental, physical & emotional well-being.  Every decision we make impacts not only ourselves but those around us....including our friends, family & earth!  If you haven't yet incorporated meditation, mindfulness or yoga into your life, what are you waiting for?  

Which of these 3 shifts can you make today?

Sourcing and Sustainability are super important for the earth, to me and the athleisurewear brand I partnered with this past year.  Something as simple as a piece of clothing CAN make a difference which is why we have designed and released 3 items made from recycled water bottles.  Isn't that amazing?!  These leggings & shorts with pockets, and sports bra are moisture wicking, offer enhanced comfort in cold or hot temperature, natural UV protection, come in 3 colors AND are soft!

In addition to affecting the personal health of you and your loved ones, using toxic cleaning products can also threaten water quality and wildlife after they disappear down the drain. 

Many are not readily biodegradable in soil and water, so they hang around as a pollutant. Their presence harms wildlife, but also eventually makes its way back to us - the water we pollute will eventually be consumed by us or at least by the plants and animals that we consume.

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