Wellness retreats to nourish and reinvigorate your soul.
Yoga and 21 Day Challenge

✓ Weekly yoga at the lake (land or paddleboard). 
✓ Daily challenge to immersed yourself in the healing benefits of Yoga, Meditation & Ayurveda. 

Show up more fully to life without skipping town.

Weeklong Wellness

✓ Daily workouts on the beach (including Pilates, Yoga, meditation)
✓ High vibrational whole foods to help you feel lighter, more energized & glowing with less bloat.
✓ Adventures in nature, social connection and mental wellness.

Jumpstart your healing journey.
You are worthy.  You are capable.  You are beautiful.
Book the ticket. Write the book. Create the dream. Celebrate yourself.
Rule your Queendom!

Copyright Keri Elikin