Poses for Added Belly Weight:
Wide Child ~ Cat Cow ~ Wide Seated Forward Fold

Poses for Back Pain:
Seated Side Bend ~ Standing Forward Fold ~ Double Pigeon

Poses for Hip Tension & Pain:
Yogi Squat ~ Low Runner's Lunge ~ Seated Figure 4

Poses for Swollen Feet:
Legs-up-the-Wall ~ Toes

Poses for Indigestion & Heartburn:
Triangle ~ Bound Angle

Poses to Relieve Stress:
Easy ~ Supported Fish ~ Frog

Flow Poses:
Goddess ~ Sun Salutation ~ Pelvic Circles

Mental Wellness:
Reclining Butterfly/Mom Meditation ~ Fetal Pose/Bonding with Baby

"Birth is an opportunity to transcend. To rise above what we are accustomed to, reach deeper inside ourselves than we are familiar with, and to see not only what we are truly made of, but the strength we can access in and through birth.” ~ Marcie Macarie.

Copyright Keri Elikin