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Mindfulness Challenge

The power of mindfulness

For those unfamiliar with mindfulness, it might conjure images of people sitting cross-legged, meditating. In reality, it's a way of life!  Mindfulness is the psychological process of bringing one's attention to experiences occurring in the present moment, instead of thoughts and worries from the past or future.
It is something that we need to practice in order for it to work in our benefit.  Like muscles, we must challenge our thoughts and train our brains to restructure the way we see the world around us.  With practice, we can actually start remodeling the physical structures of our brain.  Take the next 21 days to see for yourself how transformational it can be in your life!

shift your perspective

Replace the negative with the positive.

During the mindfulness challenge my goal to take you through the basics of everyday mindfulness through a series of daily challenges.  From rethinking the way you eat your food, to spending time focusing on something as basic as breathing, we'll be working through strategies for mindfulness that you can take with you throughout the rest of your life!

Mindfulness can offer a host of benefits to anyone and EVERYONE who practices. If you're looking for....
  • greater mental wellness 
  • improved physical health like lowering blood pressure & reducing chronic pain
  • relieving stress & symptoms of anxiety, depression, ADHD and more.
The mind is a powerful influencer.  Your thoughts can impact how you think, act & feel - and too often, we give in to our negative thoughts believing that they are fact.  When you can recognize internal thought patterns and tendencies, you can gain more clarity and control over your daily reactions and responses to external situations.  

These days, we're all inundated with notifications, work emails, social media, and other distractions.  If you're guilty of spending hours each day staring at your phone, think about what you could be missing!

 Each of us is only visiting this planet for a short period of time.  Why miss out on living in the present moment when there are so many incredible things to engage with?
I know how difficult it can be to push aside the stress and other negative emotions which is why I want to offer you this opportunity to join my mindfulness challenge....FREE.  Simply fill out the form above.

Take just a few minutes each day to uplift your mood by following along with my complimentary mindfulness challenge.  I’ll be providing information, resources, links, and feedback to help you understand more about the practice of mindfulness in today’s world and just how you can start implementing it into your daily life. 

If greater mental well-being isn't enough of an incentive, being a more mindful person could give you the tools to learn how to meditate.  My complementary "off the mat" challenges are meant to get you living a healthy lifestyle.  

Experience the life changing benefits of a regular Yoga routine at the Lake, Virtual or your destination. Classes are on the mat, Paddleboard (SUP) or Pilates Reformer and access my Meditation Challenge.

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