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Guiding aging women to go from 
intense exercise to a less intense
(yet effective) approach.

Because let's face it, as we age, the type of exercise 
we do needs to shift with the needs of our bodies.

It's all about feeling amazing mentally & physically while aging gracefully.

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Programs, Courses & Classes

Lifestyle Coaching
Applying Wellness Habits
to Everyday Life

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The Free Goodies
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Intro to Yoga 

 Transform Your Wellness Guide (Off the Mat)
 How Yoga Heals Guide (On the Mat)
 Yoga for Pregnancy TBD (class/guide)
 Yoga for Aging Gracefully Guide
 Yoga for Athletes Guide
 Inversion Challenge

Mental Wellness
Resource Guides

 Mental Wellness Guide - Stress
 Mental Wellness Guide - Anxiety
 Mental Wellness Guide - Depression


 Intro to Meditation
 The 10-Day Manifesting Challenge

The Challenges
Because sometimes we need a little guidance and structure to get to the goodness.
Mental Wellness

 The Self-Love Challenge

 The Happiness Challenge

 The Mindfulness Challenge
Gut Health & Wellness

 The Sleep Challenge

 The Migraine Challenge

 The Immunity Challenge

Meet the Expert
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Hi, I'm Keri.  I help soul-centered women like you find more peace, self love & good health to live a vibrant life.

For years, I felt stuck. I was struggling with anxiety, lack of energy and disconnect.  It wasn't until I started making time for my own self practice that I finally started to feel my best mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.  I want to help make life's load feel a little lighter for you too.  

I've been teaching Yoga since 2005 and have since added Yoga Therapy, Pilates, Aerial and Thai Massage to my offerings.  Join me to experience the healing benefits of a weekly yoga practice on the mat, Pilates reformer, Paddleboard or Aerial Yoga swing,  In addition to classes, I teach the process of stringing together wellness habits so they become part of your routine to start building an identity of health.  

Classes are in-person or virtual, private or group.  Plus during the months of May through October classes are offered at the Lake and on Stand-Up Paddleboards (SUP Yoga).  

Enjoy a getaway with me and be home for dinner.  

Love Keri
Confused as to how to start on your wellness journey?

I'd be honored to hop on a 15-min call to help guide you!

Love From Clients
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"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step". ~Lao Tzu

Copyright Keri Elkin