Join the Upside Down Club!

This is your chance to get motivated and have FUN while working out..  

Are you feeling....
  • intimidated by inversions? 
  • tired of being safely tucked back in a child’s pose while everyone else goes head over heels?
  • too old or weak to get upside down?
  • like you just simply want to advance your current yoga practice? 
and are you ready to....
  • kick up your heels and find an inversion that works for you?
  • work past any fears or restrictions you may be experiencing? 
  • embark on transformation & change?
Then join me for a special Inversion challenge to move your practice to the next level! 
You'll get FREE access to valuable tips & guidance to safely help you on your way to perfecting inversions while strengthening your body & mind.  

Up for a challenge?  Join my Handstand Workshop!
Why Learn to Handstand?

"Build a body that moves and feels better than you ever imagined".

This advanced posture may feel out of reach for many, but I assure you that with time and practice, you too will be going upside down.

Like other bodyweight exercises, handstands are easier on your joints than traditional weight training exercises or high-impact plyometrics. Handstands require unmatched levels of full-body tension and the help of dozens of muscle groups. From core and arm strength to wrist and shoulder mobility, handstands do it all.

Better Health & Bragging Rights
Not only will this posture challenge you, but it also offers numerous benefits. Handstands reverse the blood supply, which helps in blood purification. This results in
  • increased concentration and focus
  • improved skin, 
  • balance
  • better bowel function
  • strengthens the immune system.
My Handstand Challenge will help you learn how to prepare and practice safely.

Together, we'll walk you through an essential warm-up and several exercises to help prepare you and your body. Once you're warmed up, all you need is 5-minutes a day to practice, and before you know it, you'll have mastered the handstand!

Are YOU up to the challenge?!  Join by clicking the register button below.

Shift your perspective.  Get upside down.
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