Does your gut need a cleanse?

If you struggle with any of the following, than you're ready for a cleanse!

- Weight gain -
- Lack of energy -
- Poor skin -
- Foggy mind -
- Mood swings -
- Allergies -
- Flu-like symptoms -
 - Unhealthy urges -

Most medical practitioners are going to give you antibiotics to help with any of the above conditions which in turn adds even more harmful toxins to your body and the side-effects are not pleasant.

Fortunately, you can help your body detox through a cleanse, which can aid the digestive process by reducing bloating and constipation, improve mental and emotional health, and boost energy levels.

Eliminating toxins seasonally can help you melt away your excess weight, gain sustained energy, have your skin begin to glow and radiate, and even maintain a positive outlook on life simply because you made the decision to - get rid of the old and make room for the new!

But I have a solution!
Option #1:  Fall Gut Reboot

Let me tell you about a superfruit antioxidant drink, show you what makes it so special, and demonstrate how EASY it is to incorporate it into your daily life AND as part of a Seasonal Cleanse.

In addition to the 'juicy' information, you will get:

  • Intro to Detoxing Class
  • Fun menu of Smoothies, Cocktails/Mocktails & NingXia Shots
 Reboot your body with the nutrition that it needs to thrive!

Option #2:  Spring Cleaning

Did you know “poisoning” makes the Top 10 List of Safety Hazards in the home? That includes medications, paint, household cleaners, personal care products, and laundry products.  

Our homes should be a place where we feel safe, a place where we can go take refuge from the toxic world around us. The products we bring into our homes should not threaten our health & safety, but sadly, some of them do. 

If it was possible to reduce those potential hazards, would you want to know how?

I want to give you instant access to ways you can identify those hazards in every room of your home and simple ways you can make a change! 

Once we identify those hazards and pick out the things that need to go, I will also help you discover what can be used as a safe (and affordable) replacement!

PLUS, I have a handy checklist for you to use to make the job even easier!

I want to see your home be the safe place it should be. I want to share the things I’ve learned and the info I’ve gathered so we can take this journey together to a happier, healthier home. You with me?  

Replace toxic chemicals you use daily with a plant based and economical alternative.

Sign up and get INSTANT ACCESS to my "Intro to Detox" class, free recipes and hazardous checklist.

Why Do a Seasonal Cleanse?

Full health isn't just about fitness & what you eat, it's a whole lifestyle. No fads, just something that's stood the test of time.....the 5,000 year old tradition of Yoga & Ayurveda.  People perform "spring cleaning: to get rid of the old and make room for the new.  We typically rid clothing from last season or old birthday cards collecting dust in the garage.....boxes of "stuff". The same concept can be used for our health because there are toxins building up in our bodies that are compromising many areas of our life.  The body has natural healing abilities and numerous mechanisms working hard to help us detoxify and rid the body of harmful substances.  However over time these systems can become overwhelmed and sluggish. 

A great time to detox is before we enter into flu season & right after winter. Support your body with my Spring & Fall "off the mat" Cleanse.

Here's a Sneak Peak
Fall Gut Reboot
Clear out toxic accumulation.
3 month's of wellness

Prep your gut for "flu season" by joining my Gut Reboot Cleanse.

  • 28 Day to Elevate Program
  • 2 Day Cleanse
  • 30 Days of NingXia Challenge
  • Intro to Affirmations with 30 day challenge
Spring Cleaning
Ditch & Switch with Thieves
3 months of wellness

Cleanse your body & spirit in a way that 
will have you feeling and looker younger than in years.

  • 28 Day to Elevate Program
  • Intro to Yoga with 30 day challenge
  • Intro to Meditation with 21 day challenge